For this connector there is a trial period of 30 days. At the end of the trialperiod you receive emails so you can pay and extend the contract. You install this connector via this website.

Description connector

This connector pushes orders from your Mijnwebwinkel webstore to your Exact Online administration. Due to this push the merchant saves time on his administration, there will be less errors and he creates a piece of mind.

The connector can push the transactions to Exact Online in three flavours:
- As salesentries
- As salesinvoices
- Or as salesorders

When pushing a webshoporder the following data is send to Exact Online:

Debtor-data: Name, address, emailaddress, VAT and CoCnrs are passed to Exact Online. We will reuse debtors for next orders, matching is done on emailaddress.

Order-data: The order-lines, price-details, VAT, discounts, shipment and paymentcosts.

Item-data: If a product is already available in Exact Online it will be used. Otherwise the product will be created. Matching is done on SKU-level and products are associated if applicable to the default warehouse.

The operation of the connector

The connector retrieves the orders from the webshop daily and pushes them to Exact Online. It is possible to push orders from previous periods.

Exact Online versions:

This connector can be used with Exact Boekhouden (varianten Basis, Geavanceerd en Premium) en Exact Handel (varianten Basis, Geavanceerd, Premium).

Installing the connector koppeling

Our installation-instructions are still in Dutch. Please contact us so we can guide you through the installation process.


We provide support via our helpdesk which you can reach via


There is a trialperiod of 30 days. We charge € 10,00 or € 15,00 per month depending on the number of webshoporders you want to push. You will receive an email for the first payment. After that payments will be done automatically.

For this connector an account with Exact Online and Mijnwebwinkel are required. Any charges for these accounts are NOT included in our monthly fee.

De-installation connector

If you want to stop using the connector you can send an email to the helpdesk.