This connector has a trialperiod of 30 days. There are no creditcards or paymentdetails required to start the trialperiod.

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€ 120 excl VAT


The connector pushes orders from My online store webshops with status paid, sent or picked up to the accounting system Yuki. Yuki creates then an invoice for the order. This connector works in batch mode. This means that once per day orders are retrieved and pushed to Yuki.

There is a trial period of 30 days for this connector. After 30 days you will receive a paymentlink. You only pay when you want to continue to use the connector. You pay € 72,00, € 120,00 of € 170,00 per year depending on the number of invoices created.

For this connector you will need an account with My online store and Yuki. Charges for these accounts are not included in our prices.

We can do a migration from previous orders to Yuki. If you want to use this please send us an email.